Susanne Lahusen - teaches on Yogacampus London’s Teacher Training Course

Susanne Lahusen - workshops for teachers and trainees

Saturday 5th October

9.30am (3hrs)

Experiential Anatomy : Shoulders
1.30pm (3hrs)

9.30am (3hrs) £40

How does hypermobility affect the body and mind? How do we recognize it, and how do we work with it in students and in our own bodies?

Today’s culture often tends to see yoga as a tool to make us more flexible, and classes might attract people who possess greater than average flexibility. 

Recent research on fascia and stretching is challenging traditional ideas of what is good for us. New ideas are emerging that might help us to create yoga practices that stabilize what is too loose whilst freeing stiffer adjacent areas. 

The workshop will be a mix of practice and theory, all levels are welcome.

Booking link for Hypermobility Workshop.

Experiential Anatomy : Shoulders
1.30pm (3hrs) £40

Keeping shoulders strong, mobile and healthy in yoga

A very practical anatomy workshop that draws its inspiration from recent movement and biomechanics research, from somatic practices as well as from traditional yoga teaching.

The shoulders rely on a very subtle balance of muscle activation, breathing patterns, upper back mobility, our overall sense of stability, to name only a few of the factors that influence our shoulder strength and flexibility. We will look at patterns of movement that support our practice as well as at those that might have become unhelpful and need unravelling.

A basic knowledge of anatomy will be useful to get the most of out of this workshop.

Booking link for Experiential Anatomy Workshop.

About Susanne:

Susanne Lahusen is a senior London teacher. Her early yoga background was in Astanga Vinyasa yoga, which she began to practise in 1991 with the late Derek Ireland. Since then, Susanne has studied with many renowned teachers. Richard Freeman, in particular, has had a strong effect on her own practice and approach to teaching yoga. Other important influences include the release based work of Vanda Scaravelli, Alexander’s approach and alignment principles, and the rhythmic and energetic qualities of gyrokinesis and dance.

Susanne holds a Yogacampus level 2 teaching qualification accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. She also has a BEd in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and certification in Pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis and Alexander. She has attended many anatomy courses with Tom Myers, James Earl, Gary Carter and Doug Keller on movement, yoga and myofascial work.

Susanne previously ran a Pilates Foundation teacher training course at The Place and, for many years, has been teaching experiential anatomy and somatics at The Place and at Trinity Laban. She teaches experiential anatomy and sequencing on the Yogacampus Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Diploma courses.

Whilst respecting the unique characteristics of the various disciplines which she has studied, Susanne’s approach to teaching has evolved from an awareness of the elements that are fundamental to all movement.

Venue : The Yoga Studio at Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga Studios, First Floor, 53-57 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, GL50 1HX.
Get in touch : / 07973 135089