300hr Advanced Teacher Training 2019
Yoga Alliance Certified

Seven Core Modules with Ian Davis and a wide choice of Specialist Sessions with many different experts in their own field.

Deepen your knowledge as well as your individuality, to help you stand out and become a better teacher.

Start whenever you like - this is a rolling course. Enrolling now!

200hr courses are a great foundation, but they are broad courses. Doing this 300 hour allows you to dig much, much deeper on the subjects that matter most to you. Often when students go on to teach there is a realisation that teaching yoga is far bigger and more nuanced than most people realise.

In this course we get a chance to build on the knowledge and skills we already have and really look deeply into subjects such as alignment, sequencing, anatomy and physiology.

Open only to those with an existing foundation 200hr teacher training qualification, this is a chance to refine and hone your yoga understanding and teaching skills and take you to the next level.


The first part of the course is structured as Seven Core Modules with Ian Davis.

These Core Modules build on subjects that make a huge difference in all yoga classes and help us to become a better teacher. Each weekend will be Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm (latest) with an hour at lunch and a few other breaks along the way.

Yoga is for every body.
November 9th & 10th 2019

We will spend the weekend considering inclusivity.  Yoga has the potential to become seen as something for the beautiful and young.  But yoga’s greatest strength has always been it’s ability to work in and on every body and mind.  We will consider how we spread the message to wider audiences.  Particularly young and old, the overweight, the poorly, those with learning difficulties, anxiety or depression.

Growing as a teacher and as a student.
January 25th & 26th 2020

Taking a look at both our yoga practice and our teaching and working out what we need to really grow in both.  Every teacher is individual, we will work to create a bespoke plan for the teacher and student you’d like to be.

Awesome skills for yoga teaching.
February 29th & March 1st 2020

Storytelling, weaving themes through a class, better cuing, ways to use our voice, sequencing, connecting to our students and helping them to connect to themselves.  This weekend is all about becoming a better teacher.

A happier, healthier life.
April 25th & 26th 2020

Considering the great texts and teachings of yoga - chakras, kosha’s, Sutras and the Gita.  Not treating them as historical or scholarly works but as incredible tools to help us and our students transform ourselves and lead truly happier healthier lives.

Advanced anatomy and physiology.
May 9th & 10th 2020

How muscles get stronger. How we use slow twitch and fast twitch muscles differently in the body.  Understanding what effects our energy.  The difference between strength and stamina.  And learning to create more stability in the body.  We’ll also spend a day considering the mechanics, importance and value of good breathing.

Muscles in focus.
July 4th & 5th 2020

Yoga works brilliantly right through the body and should touch all of our muscles from quads to cardiac.  Some are real problem areas for people, so we will take a look at those to understand why and have a plan for how we can make a difference in them.  Particularly glutes, serratus, psoas, transverse abdominus and pelvic floor.

Teaching actions not postures.
October 10th & 11th 2020

Tiny shifts in the alignment of a pose can move the work from one muscle to another without really changing the way a pose looks.  We need to see those shifts and changes and teach our students to feel and make them deliberately in their own practice.  This weekend focuses on alignment and the super important skill of teaching actions to our students, not poses.


For the second part of the course, we choose from a wide variety of specialist teacher training workshops to help you be the teacher you want to be. This is where we can really focus on what inspires you.

To total another 140 hours - every month there will be a different Elective Session aimed specifically at teachers - deeper dives on specific topics.  For example teaching ashtanga, yoga for sports or pregnancy yoga.  Understanding Sanskrit, the core, compassion, ayurveda, hands on assists, movement without pain, yoga for children, or for teens.   Seeing how yoga fits in with buddhism or tantra or how it can help with emotional trauma, back pain or autism.  Workshops will be all different lengths - some day long, some weekends a few of them even week long intensives. You choose just the workshops and subjects that inspire you.

Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children Training (60 hours)
Thursday 31st October to Monday 4th November
With this certificate you will be eligible for insurance to teach yoga to children in any setting. Ideal for Primary School teachers wanting to learn more about yoga and mindfulness and begin to share this with their pupils, as well as Yoga Teachers, youth workers, parents and carers, wanting to set up private classes. More information. With Class Yoga.

Yoga for Digestive Health (7.5 hours)
Saturday 30th November

This day explores the theory and practice for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, experienced practitioners and other body and movement therapists and workers. This training will explore how yoga can have profound effects through the gut-brain axis on conditions such as IBS, IBD, acid reflux, colitis, diverticulitis and more. More Information. With Charlotte Watts.

2020 SPECIALIST SESSIONS (more information coming soon)

Workshops with Advanced Certified Jivamukti London Teacher Emma Henry
Dates to be confirmed. More information soon.

Poppy Perinatal 3 Day Teacher Training
w.c. Monday 9th March 2020, dates to be confirmed. With Charlie Speller. More information soon.

Confidence in Cueing and Manual Assists
Saturday 21st March. 9.30am (3hrs)

It is not easy to lead a vinyasa class. Words come fast and furious and potential assists are aimed at moving targets. Learn how to develop clear teaching objectives, maximise the effectiveness of minimal and no-nonsense cues with Senior London teacher Adam.

How to Teach Mixed Levels
Saturday 21st March. 1.30pm (3hrs)

This is often the most discussed and worry-producing aspect of teaching public classes: how do you teach all the different levels and abilities in one room at one time? We will learn to embrace and celebrate this challenge by utilising practical techniques to create an inclusive class environment with options for everyone. With Senior London teacher Adam.

5 Day Immersion - Ashtanga First Series (30 hours)
Monday March 23rd - Friday March 27th
An opportunity to join a group of dedicated students and experienced teachers to deepen your understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. More information. With one of Manju Jois’s advanced teachers Tina Pashumati James.

2 Day Immersion - Ashtanga Second Series (and some Third Series) (12 hours)
Saturday March 28th - Sunday March 29th
An opportunity to join a group of dedicated students and experienced teachers to deepen your understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Second Series, including some Third Series. More information. With one of Manju Jois’s advanced teachers Tina Pashumati James.

A Weekend Immersion with Andrew McGonigle “Dr Yogi”
Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October 2020
More information to follow. With Andrew McGonigle “Dr Yogi”.

Restorative Yoga: An Intensive Training for Teachers (28 hours)
Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September 2020

The weekend offers a retreat-like atmosphere which includes practice, study and learning of Restorative asana, the basic anatomy and physiology of Restorative yoga, as well as, how to sequence and teach a restorative yoga class. Particular emphasis is given to assisting and adjusting the postures to suit individual needs. More information. With senior London teacher Anna Ashby.

When can I start and what are the dates?

You get to choose when you start the course. Ideally, all Seven Core Modules and the remaining 140 hours of Specialist Sessions must be completed within two years.

Cost : 
£325 deposit secures your place.  
Each of the Core Module Weekends is £120. The Seven Core Module Weekends total £840.
The Specialist Sessions will vary in price depending on the sessions you choose.
Total Cost :
We would estimate the total cost of the course and qualifications (including your deposit, Core Module Weekends and your choice of Specialist Sessions) to be around £2,185.
Venue :
The Yoga Studio at Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga Studios, First Floor, 53-57 Rodney Road, GL50 1HX.
Contact : davisian@me.com / 07973 135089 - please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to chat further.