Yoga Teacher Training 2020, Cheltenham
200hr Yoga Alliance Certified.

This course is for those that love teaching yoga or just love living yoga.

If you want to teach, we will guide you to be truly ready and if it's just for the love of yoga, this is your chance to dive deeper and enjoy.

Join Ian Davis and accomplished visiting teachers to take your yoga to a whole new level.

This is an outstanding professional Yoga Teacher Training course based in a beautiful, light and airy dedicated yoga studio in Cheltenham town centre.

Enrolling now for June 2020!

This is a Yoga Alliance 200hrs (internationally recognised) qualification.

Learn strong, efficient postures with careful and intuitive alignment – the perfect balance of strength, flexibility and breath.  See how the body works when we practice – the systems it effects, the muscles we use and how we use them.  Understand common complaints such as back and knee issues and how yoga can help.

Learn breathing practices, meditation and the rich philosophy and tradition behind yoga.

Many people do teacher training not to go on to teach but to take the practice they love and really bring it on.

If you do want to teach, we will guide you to be truly ready – to help you to be able to see how you can guide your students to achieve their differing goals. To find your own niche as a teacher and to be successful at what you choose.

The courses are nine weekends long (one weekend each month), please see below for upcoming course dates. Our weekends are held at The Yoga Studio in Cheltenham, a great dedicated space for Cheltenham's yoga community.  Spaces will be limited to keep a nice small group.

If you’d like to know more, or like the idea but are not sure if you’re ready, please email us on or you can catch up with Ian at the Studio to talk it through. More about Ian here.

Syllabus and Dates:

The course is broken down into three distinct modules.  Each module is between two and four weekends and each weekend is a Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday all day. Timings for the weekends are Friday 6pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm (latest) with an hour at lunch and a few other breaks along the way. There will be plentiful cups of tea and a fair bit of cake and dark chocolate too!

Module 1 : The Physical Practice

June 12th-14th 2020
July 17th-19th 2020
August 21st-23rd 2020
September 25th-27th 2020

  • Find your core – strength, stability and bandhas.

  • Fundamentals to vinyasa – breath, foundation, action and intention.

  • Understanding vinyasa-krama (the art of building up to a posture).

  • Using counter postures.

  • Masterclass on downward dog and upward dog.

  • Principles of adjustments.

  • Foundations, form and function.

  • Understanding the body as a system of systems.

  • Yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and deep relaxation.

  • Ujayii breathing and kapalabhati.

  • Introducing the different yoga schools and methods.

  • Anatomy in action (the muscular and skeletal systems).

  • Introduction to Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga.

  • Focus on key standing, twisting, back and forward bend postures.

  • Mastering inversions and arm balances.

  • Relax and renew classes.

  • Owning your practice.

  • Pranayama and breathing practices.

  • Creating a self practice.

  • Yoga reading group.

  • Asana handbook project.

Module 2 : The Bigger Picture

October 30th - November 1st 2020
November 27th-29th 2020

  • Mantra and mudras.

  • A brief history of yoga.

  • Understanding how the ancient yoga texts are still very relevant.

  • Patanjali’s yoga sutras and the Eightfold Path.

  • Cleaning up with the kriyas.

  • Introduction to chanting.

  • Prana, chakras and the energy body.

  • Dharma, karma and an introduction to buddhism.

  • Indian deities and iconography and how they relate to what we do.

  • Understanding mindfulness and meditation.

  • Creating a 5 minute meditation habit.

  • Yoga reading group.

Module 3 : Learning to Teach

December 11th-13th 2020
January 22nd-24th 2021
February 19th-21st 2021

  • The different ways of learning – audio, visual and kinaesthetic.

  • Qualities of a good teacher.

  • Giving your class a theme.

  • Stick men and drawing up class plans.

  • Learning to sequence great classes.

  • Practicing what you preach.

  • Creating your own unique style.

  • Music, philosophy and intention – integrating things in class.

  • Mastering dialogue and tone.

  • Demonstrating and learning not to do too much.

  • Looking at people's bodies and learning to read them.

  • Dealing with teaching nerves.

  • Introduction to thai yoga massage (having yoga done to you).

  • Using props, modifications and adjustments.

  • Dealing with injuries and illness in class.

  • Integrating pregnant students.

  • Teaching labs and practice.

  • How to handle one to ones.

  • Hands on – adjustment workshops.

  • Building a sequence library.

  • Yoga reading group.

  • Assisting existing teachers.

Cost : A deposit of £325 secures your place. The course can be paid all in one go or can be paid monthly over 9 months of £175 to help spread the cost. The course total is £1,900.
Venue : The Yoga Studio at Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga Studios, First Floor, 53-57 Rodney Road, GL50 1HX.
Contact :


For those of you already enrolled, these are the dates for your diary:

Intake 7:
Weekend 8 : July 12-14th
Weekend 9 : August 9-11th

Intake 8:
Weekend 1 : September 13th-15th 2019
Weekend 2 : October 18th-20th 2019
Weekend 3 : November 15th-17th 2019
Weekend 4 : December 13th-15th 2019
Weekend 5 : January 10th-12th 2020
Weekend 6 : February 7th-9th 2020
Weekend 7 : March 6th-8th 2020
Weekend 8 : April 17th-19th 2020
Weekend 9 : May 15th-17th 2020

Intake 9:
Weekend 1 : October 25th-27th 2019
Weekend 2 : November 22nd-24th 2019
Weekend 3 : December 6th-8th 2019
Weekend 4 : February 14th-16th 2019
Weekend 5 : March 13th-15th 2019
Weekend 6 : April 3rd-5th 2019
Weekend 7 : June 5th-7th 2019
Weekend 8 : July 24th-26th 2019
Weekend 9 : August 14th-16th 2019